We are very passionate about what we do, excellence in the Labour Hire industry has become second nature for us. We work to give you many reasons to engage with First Choice services. We have become a well renowned Recruitment & Labour Hire company by upholding the following values:


We believe communication is a significant part of a successful business relationship which is why our communication is impeccable. We are contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fast Service

We understand the timing of construction, which is why we work as quick as possible, so you don’t have to worry. We can work on even a days’ notice and have workers ready to start!

Experts in our field

All our consultants have extensive experience in the building & construction and associated industries, so you can be confident that each consultant you speak to understands the finer details of the arrangement.

Price Competitive

We know the accolades of labour hire companies out there, and sometimes it can be difficult choosing the right one. which is why we have made it easy for you by having the best rates in NSW guaranteed.

Our Workers

We can confidently say we have one of the best teams in NSW. All of our workers have had a world of experience in each of their roles. So you can be confident your site will be handled professionally and delivered with quality.


Labour Hire’s Process of Recruitment Screening

It's as easy as telling your recruiting firm what you're searching for when hiring labourers for your next construction or civil project. Following the agency's recruiting screening and selection, a candidate is presented for an interview. The hiring process'...

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Why use a Labour Hire company within Construction?

With all industries, particularly the construction industry and related sectors, there are certain stigmas that tend to be attached with the concept of labour hire, these stigmas potentially stem from bad experiences, hearsay or just inexperience in engaging with...

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At First Choice, we’re all about ensuring our clients achieve their goals and succeed in their field. This is why so many construction companies have trusted us in providing qualified workers for their projects. Make an enquiry and watch these words be put into action.


Active Clients




Great employees, fast service and excellent communication by all staff members. Nothing but quality service providers.

Joe, Site Manager @ Nascon PTY LTD

Have been a pleasure to deal with. First Choice only employs quality workers and their fast service is impeccible.

Thomson Polan, Site Manager @ Liverpool Construction Consultants

I dealt with a Sales Representative from First Choice, they were extremely quick on their feet and got me a job within the span of a day. They understood my circumstances, they knew what I wanted and got all the boxes ticked in just one phone conversation. I advise anyone who is looking for a job to give First Choice a call. Their knowledge about the industry was extremely impressive and I felt like they was trustworthy unlike a lot of recruiters. Now I have an opportunity of a lifetime with a salary I never expected to see all within a days work. I know if I’m ever looking for a job, First Choice is the first place I’ll be calling.

Sami Abboud, Construction Manager