Labour Hire’s Process of Recruitment Screening

It’s as easy as telling your recruiting firm what you’re searching for when hiring labourers for your next construction or civil project. Following the agency’s recruiting screening and selection, a candidate is presented for an interview. The hiring process’ recruiting phase includes posting job openings, gathering personal and professional references, and doing social recruitment, as well as mapping prospective applicants’ skills so that we can provide the best prospects when and where they are required. First Choice has developed this approach since its inception, and it is a dependable, resilient, and established one. The selecting procedure, on the other hand, is a bit more involved. It entails assessing each applicant against a set of criteria to verify that they are a suitable match for the position.

Skills, Experiences & Qualifications

Employers are rather particular about the abilities and experience they seek of their applicants in the labour market. Technical abilities, such as the ability to handle heavy gear, are non-transferable in the construction and engineering industry, meaning that only someone with a particular licence may be deemed a suitable match for the job. Depending on the job description, a specific amount of experience is also required to ensure that the quality of work produced by a new employee meets the client’s requirements. Verifying an applicant’s talents and expertise include checking education certificates, licences, and references. This assures that if the individual is hired, they will provide high-quality work that meets project requirements.

General Expectations

When a person starts a new job, both employers and workers have expectations about their tasks, salary, and benefits. During a screening interview, the employee’s expectations for daily tasks, compensation, and perks must be determined to verify that they are equivalent to the employer’s expectations. Identifying the candidate’s expectations is especially crucial since no client wants to hire someone who has unrealistic expectations about career advancement, working hours, or remuneration.

Background Checks

Background checks are usually used to ensure that applicants do not have any criminal records that would jeopardise their ability to perform well on the job. This is usually done when a high degree of trust is required, such as when the successful candidate must handle sensitive information.

Cultural Fit

Every company has a variety of personality types on staff. It is critical to ensure that a candidate is a suitable match for an organization’s workplace culture so that they feel welcomed when they begin a new job. Similarly, assessing a candidate for communication skills and personality qualities may meet an employer’s expectations for particular processes, rules, and social aspects of the work.

For over ten years, First Choice Labour Hire has been doing successful recruiting screening for the white collar and skilled labour industries. Call +61 1300 655 004 to talk with a talent acquisition specialist at First Choice. Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., First Choice is ready to chat with you. Simply contact us and ask what we can do for you if you’re seeking for the finest talent for your project or to explore the opportunities we have available.

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