Why use a Labour Hire company within Construction?

With all industries, particularly the construction industry and related sectors, there are certain stigmas that tend to be attached with the concept of labour hire, these stigmas potentially stem from bad experiences, hearsay or just inexperience in engaging with labour hire companies.

The concept of “spending too much money on labour hire companies”, can make it quite daunting and potentially cause companies to become overly focused on the expenses associated in the process. If this was the case, the word “investment” would arguably become nullified. In practical terms, engaging in labour hire services vs sourcing candidates internally can appear to be costly. However much like any investment, the consideration of other factors is imperative to the success of any process.

Some of the key advantages of engaging with labour hire include:

  • Eliminating the time consuming and lengthy procedures in finding the right candidate.
  • Ensuring the quality of candidates by pre-screening and reference checking.
  • Candidates engaged through labour hire come with additional skills and expertise that may otherwise be absent among in-house employees.
  • Flexibility of engagement terms, there is a very minimal commitment to available work provided to the Candidate.
  • Reduction and potential elimination of some procedures and processes relating to WHS, RTW, and insurance costs.
  • Efficient and effective systems ensuring an immediate supply of personnel.
  • Simplification and elimination of payroll procedures and processes.

All the above-mentioned benefits of engaging in labour hire services are there to save the client time, heartache and ultimately reduce costs and still retain professional staffing services. All the client needs to focus on the delivery of the project.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, approximately 600,800 people (about 5%) of all people employed, found work through via a recruitment agency. From this figure it is evident that an increase in the confidence and engagement of recruitment agencies is on the rise and can truly be considered a value adding process for the related industries. Prediction of an annual growth of approximately 2.4%, indicates that the industry will continue to go from “strong” to “stronger” in the near future.

In summary, you can be confident that price is only a minor factor of the greater picture when engaging labour hire services. Added-value factoring outweighs the negative stigma related to labour hire companies being overpriced. At First Choice we offer a wide variety of services, if you are looking for a company to engage with for your staffing needs without the fuss, look no further, submit a vacancy today.

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